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September 2, 2009
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This is my conception of the "Stalker", from the world of "9". The drawing is done with pencil, pen, and ink, depicting a mechanical creature of the "9" world, whose purpose is solely for capture and or killing.

It is comprised of various household components, specifically:

Head: Desktop computer.
Eyes: Video camera with additional rifle scope and flashlight.
Main body: Tool box.
Legs: Adjustable desktop lamps (total of four).
Arms: Compiled wire from computer and external sources
Collection/containment: Upright vacum, located rear of computer.

Add ons:
Arms: power drill, hand grinder with saw blade, and bicycle pedals.
Main body: Food processor (blender).

Operational overview: The “Stalker” is primarily used to as a kill creature with an option to conduct capture operations.

It can traverse many different types of terrain by the use of its four mounted desk lamp legs. The main operating components and power source are centrally located in the main body, which is a tool box. This adds for a low, central point of balance. Additionally it is supported by the use of 4 additional cable arms which incorporate both offensive (power drill, hand grinder, and knife) and defensive (bike pedals) capabilities, so as to conduct kill/capture operations in and amongst the wastelands of “9”. The head of the Stalker is a desktop computer which has had the front modified to resemble a vicious mouth, with the simulated teeth being comprised of the reconstructed internal circuit boards. Any item inserted into the mouth is transferred to the storage canister (vacuum) located towards the rear of the desktop computer. The “Stalker” is outfitted with an optical video camera and supplemented with both a rifle scope (capable of 12x zoom) and an led flashlight. When in capture mode, the upright vacuum located at the rear of the creature serves as a containment unit. This is accomplished by the loading of the target into the bottom of the vacuum (via the pedal hands) or by the mouth (desktop computer). The vacum has been modified to intake the target into the main canister and contain them from within. Access to the detainee is done via the top of the vacuum folding back and revealing a relatively unharmed detainee. The “Stalker” is outfitted with a food processing (blender) in the front of the main body and this is used as an offensive weapon (inserting targets for destruction) or as a coercion tool to collect information.
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Very clean design, great contrasts, I enjoyed looking over it.
Among all the submissions I've looked at so far, yours has really caught my eye. I think it's very bold and a strong submission overall; really love the design and detail. Nice!

Thanks for your support and addition to your fav's.
star-puppet Sep 2, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
dudeee, that is completely and totally sickk! :D
Thanks. I checked out your art, very clean. Addeded you to the watch.
star-puppet Sep 3, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow!!! thank you so much!! it means a lot for an awesome artist like you to watch me!!!
VladimirJazz Sep 2, 2009  Student Filmographer
Now that is a hell of a design. My favorite technically, now. Very nice.
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